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The monthly publication Development and Civilizations offers a vision of development which considers the approach of other cultures and religions, allowing exchange and dialogue. Thus the title “Development and Civilizations”.

Giving voice to committed social actors, Development and Civilizations presents very diverse points of view, from all regions of the world, on the Centre’s priority theme: "Development of peoples and dialogue of civilizations", and its different aspects : a mosaic-like concept of the world, a sustainable human development, a new humanism to build, etc.

Every year, at least half of the articles are written by authors from non-Western regions and cultures.

The newsletter is now printed at 2000 copies which are distributed to 1820 subscribers of whom more than 1000 are outside France and in 110 countries.

Formerly called Faith and Development , our monthly publication changed its name and format in 2006. Its new name Development and Civilizations takes after the title of one of Louis-Joseph Lebret’s review (from 1960 to 1973, can be consulted at the documentation centre), and is also the new name of the association joining together the Centre Lebret and Irfed.

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