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Development and Civilisations proposes to focus on people’s rights, the access to and denial of these rights, and the challenges these pose. Indeed, people’s development, in the way Louis-Joseph Lebret had stressed, has not been a priority for the supporters of the globalized, liberal economy. It should be so for political and religious authorities, from the North as well as from the South.

With the choice of this theme, Development and Civilisations wishes to develop the work of exposing the truth, witnessing and being attentive.

Exposing the truth

Development and Civilisations intends to address the right to development, the unequal access to technology, the non-fulfillment of aid promises, the constraints of excessive liberalism which deprives states of the instruments for development policy, the egoistic behaviours which lead to postponing needed decisions for preventing environmental catastrophes.


Relying on the Lebret-Irfed network and its collaborators from various origins, Development and Civilisations will relate the participatory initiatives of citizens in local and national development, as well as the obstacles they meet. Indeed, Development and Civilisations has the conviction that development cannot happen without the involvement of men and women, and organized civil society.

Being attentive

The forces necessary to surpass the denial of the right to development are not only economic and technological. They are likewise cultural, spiritual, religious. Facing the rise of intolerance, fanaticism and terrorism, the encounter with and the recognition of other civilisations are indeed factors for peace and development. The challenge of development also means the ability to be attentive to other cultures and spiritualities and to the voices and cries that are ignored.

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