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Perspectives 2010 – 2013

The organisation of the integrated project of 2010-2013 manifests DCLI’s “international network” and will be based on a general reflection on one or two guidelines and on a reinforcement of concrete actions ( 3 or 4) run by partners and members of the network, this will start in 2008. The project will have to respect the needs of the network’s members and the priorities of their own work and commitments in their region.

Particular attention shall be paid to the network’s diffusion dimension, that is to say to the civil society and public authorities. This restitution can consist of roundtables or workshops (local or international), of raising actions of citizens’ consciousness, of mutualisation networks like the one of Alternative schools, using new technologies which facilitate exchanges between continents.

Certain activities in process already constitute a base for the triennial project, such as the research on the rise of fundamentalism ( aspect of “dialogue of civilizations”) and its implications on “living together”(civil society aspect). Partners in France, Malaysia and Belgium but more generally in Europe and in Asia already take action in this project with NGO members of the organising committee of the Asia-Europe People’s Forum.

The last contacts made within the framework of the forum’s organisation showed an opening of work opportunities with China. Our Chinese partners were very interested in collaborating with DCLI on themes such as the social impact created by movements of religious inspiration, sustainable development, etc. These subjects can be linked to our approach of a “development of the whole person and every person” with priorities such as the dialogue of civilization.

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