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An international network

Development and Civilizations - Lebret-Irfed coordinates the International Network for Human Economy, in which development actors coming from various cultural and spiritual roots share the following convictions:
  • Human beings cannot be reduced to their economic dimension alone;
  • Development concerns the whole person and every person;
  • Development does not result from an accumulation of projects, but from how these projects come within a local, regional and global vision.


These same convictions inspired Louis-Joseph Lebret’s life and works.

The Centre aims, through listening and dialogue, at contributing to the emergence of a more just and a more democratic society.

Through seminars, it facilitates communication and exchanges between development actors very often separated by ethnic, cultural, religious or social differences. The publication “Development and Civilizations” gives the opportunity for network members to express themselves and share their experiences.

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Administrative Board

President: Yves BERTHELOT

Honorary Presidents: Roland COLIN and Eric SOTTAS

Vice-President for Africa:Fanta WOLDE

Vice-President for the Americas: Andrés LALANNE

Vice-President for Asia: L. AL. SAMY

Vice-President for Europe: Jiri SILNY

Administrator-Treasurer: Yves GLORIEUX

Other Members: Claude BAEHREL, Lawrencia EUN-KYUNG KWARK, Bernadette HUGER, Ruth PADRUN, Antoine SONDAG, Michel Tissier

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