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Youth Development Capacity Training Programme on community development and climate change adaptation

by Vidya Sagar and Tilottam Paudel


The Youth Capacity Development Training programme was successfully completed on 21st July 2011. The five days of training had the objective of empowering youth on community development and climate change adaptation, jointly organized by Volunteer Aid Nepal and Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal.

The training involved : power, youth policy, advocacy, leadership development, climate change, motivation and empowerment.

It was opened by Deepak Sharma at 10am on 17th July and a short speech on motivation was conducted by VDC secretary, Rajendra Prasad Devkota.

The training was done by Tilottam Paudel and Vidya Sagar Pandey as facilitators and Wasma Accram from Kenya acted as a co- facilitator. There was a total of 20 participants with the age ranging from 15 to 25.

The main expectations of the participants were : how can the training help them ? How can they be motivated ? how can we develop the youth in the our community, as well as knowing factors affecting climate change.

The training methods were mind mapping, world café, action, planning action learning, and social styles. Tools used were SMART, ORID and SWOT.

Participants did presentations on Mind mapping, action planning, social map and challenge model. In between each training method the participants showed their talents by presenting poems, singing songs and dancing. Games were played by the participants for better interaction and to break the ice amongst each other.

The youth made an action plan according to their vision and how to better the youth and develop the community.

To create awareness in the environment the youth did a practical project by planting around 100 trees and made a garden around the training vicinity and on the occasion of International youth year 2011.


The closing activity on 21st July 2011 was led by Tilottam Paudel. Certificates were presented to the participants. Evaluation done by the participants showed that by the end of the five-day training programme they learned how to use local resources in the community, be creative , motivated and were more inspired to better their community and educate more youth.

Done by Vidya Sagar and Tilottam paudel

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