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July, n°395: The Dakar World Social Forum (7-11 February 2011

April-may, n°393-394: Tunisia: the revolution is just beginning Ahmed Mainsi A chain of Arab Uprisings Boutros Labaki

March, n°392: The Power of Ideas. Yves Berthelot

February, n°391: How consumerist capitalism devours America. Benjamin Barber

January, n°390: Christians confronted to the Arab world’s fractures. Boutros Labaki


December, n°389: Allow me to dream of another Brazil, of another world. Chico Whitaker

October, Novembre, n°387-388: A new dynamism. Roland Colin, Paul Houée, Louis-Joseph Lebret, Achille Biffumbu, Lily Razafimbelo, Louis Pilard, L.A. Samy, Boutros Labaki, Pierre-Enocque François

September, n°386: For a democratic governance of religious diversity. Antoine Sondag


October, n°367: Chinese civil society: a promising evolution despite the obstacles. Fu Tao

July, n°365: At the inter-Lebanese conflicts’ social roots - How the absence of social development policies generated the outburst of cedars’ land. René Yerly

June, n°364: Latin America and the Millennium Objectives. The Example of Ecuador under Rafael Correa. Pablo Guerra

April, n°362: A new fight for development. Paul Caspersz

January February, n°360: Burma – The Flame of Revolt is not burnt out. Claude Delachet-Guillon et Emmanuel Guillon


January, n°350: Immigration is not always what we think it is. Hassan Zaoual


November, n°348: Changing globalisation. Albert Longchamp

October, n°347: In the Digital era, the Right to Communication is Confiscated. by Lily Razafimbelo

September, n°346: Bolivia: From colonialism to indianism. Christian Rudel

May, n°343: The Danish cartoon affair: one of the pitfalls of global unrest. Serge Lafitte

February, n°341: Central and Eastern Europe: Between the socialist past and the European future the delicate mutation of civil societies. Lidmila Němcová

January 2006, n°340: On the African Continent, ending with facade democracies Kä Mana


September, n°336: Toward new indicators of wealth: from "having more" to "improved well-being". Florence Jany-Catrice

June, n°334: Mexican immigration to the United States: An urgent need for a new approach to global community. Mary Christine Morkovsky

May, n°333: Tsunamis and coastal populations: Acces to new rights. John Kurien

February March, n°331: Sustainable development and the obsession for economic growth. Denis Goulet


November, n°328: Hegemony, major obstacle to the dialogue between civilisations. Chandra Muzaffar

September October, n°327: Dialogue of civilisations: The crucial role of social actors. François Houtart

July August, n°326: The War Against Poverty: Questioning Development. Majid Rahnema

April, n°323: Beyond the "Clash of civilisations" Rediscovering our Common Humanity. Rama Mani


November, n°318: Religions, a challenge for liberal globalization. Félix Wilfred

April, n°312: American threat between Corea: Asian Civil Society Mobilizes. Sunsong Park et Francis Daehoon Lee

February March, n°311: The Muslim-Christian Dialogue: A Challenge for Constructing Peace. Thomas Michel

January, n°310: Human Dialogue and Religious Inter-independence: Fire and Cristal. Raimon Panikkar


November, n°288: Waging War Against Terrorism. Swami Agnivesh and Valson Thampu

October, n°287: Palestine - Israël: The price of an authentic peace. Michael Warschawsky


May, n°283: For a Christian Practice of Globalization. Alain Durand


December, n°279: Alternate model of indicators of development for indian society. Desmond A. D’Abreo

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