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The meaning of the word "development"

by Mathias Rethinam Vincent

I have been for a long time thinking of the word “development”: a word fabricated by the dominant forces in the world which not only interpreted this word but told/tells the world that the present way of developing the world, centered round money and market forces, is an exclusive meaning of this word!

We, who are working on a totally a different concept and understanding of how the world should evolve, have been using this word for past five decades.
Maybe it was necessary for the people to start with this word.
Many of our efforts in the past, all over the world, have been absorbed by the might system operating regarding creating attitudes and actions of development which were not so much different from what is going on in the name of "development". Namely organized charity.

Time has come that we do not continue to pour the new wine into the old wine skins!
So this should be discussed at various fora so that in the future our attitudes and actions are not trapped by any one.

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